Group Buy - Exige Cufflinks

I bought a pair of solid silver Elise cufflinks around a year ago through a group discount on a US Elise forum. I’ve just noticed the same people are about to release some Exige cufflinks and wondered if anyone is interested so I can negotiate a group discount. The discount for the Elises was 20% off last time.

Here’s a pic:

Colin Chapman would turn in his grave - a Lotus that’s 25%heavier than a Porsche

Aye go on then

Hey I quite like that!

S2 though. Would still wear them.


would also be interested… have we any idea on price ?

I’m interested, but price sensitive

For me they’d need to be well below this price.
Exige Car Cufflinks

They are quite pricey, that’s why I’ve posted this thread! They’re advertised as �65 the same as the Elises I bought. It looks like the price is based on the amount of silver, the Porsche ones they do (as stevegreen very cleverly pointed out!) are 25% lighter, hence the higher price for the Exiges probably?

I bought my Elise cufflinks with a 20% discount coupon I came across on a US forum - I’m hoping if there enough of us we can get a better discount, hopefully 25% - not unreasonable. I think that would make the price more realistic!

Count me in for a set

Prices: Thats not a bad price well with the discount.
For info Silver is quite cheap Say 20p Gramme when I used it BUT the cost comes in the finishing and polishing
which although mainly done by machine tumblers has to be finally finished by a more than “mere” mortal IE someone who knows what he/she is doing… that costs…

BUT has anybody got one of the eXige (logo) pewter lapel badges one of those I could do with…

Put me down for a set.

Count me in too.

I emailed the cufflink company yesterday and have just received a reply, I’ve highlighted the ‘important’ bits:

[color:“blue”] Hi Phil,
thanks for your recent purchase and also for your interest in our Lotus Exige cuff-links. I would gladly offer your forum a members discount, but we only normally offer a 20% discount, as per the elise1 promotion. [/color][color:“red”]What I can do is offer a 25% discount for the first 25 uses of the promotional code and then then a 20% for further purchases.[/color][color:“blue”]
The cuff-links will be available in 4-5 weeks, but I will [/color][color:“red”]put a link on the Exige page[/color][color:“blue”] where the forum members can register their interest and [/color][color:“red”]guaranteeing a 25% discount[/color][color:“blue”] without having to checkout and pay as yet.
The promotional code will be: [/color][color:“red”]exige1[/color][color:“blue”]
once again thank you for your interest and I will email you when I know an exact date for the cuff-links.

Kind regards,
Surprisethem Gifts [/color]

I’ve just checked the Exige Cufflinks Page and the link isn’t there yet, if it doesn’t go up soon I’ll email them back.

Cheers, Phil

I’ll take a pair if they are available at the 25% discount. Thanks.

Just checked and the link is now there

I’ve just received an email from Surprisethem Gifts, the cufflinks will be ready the week commencing 25th June

I’ve just emailed them for an update, and they should be available to send out the middle of next week!

Further info - the cufflinks are at the Assay office being hallmarked and will be ready to send out on Tuesday.

Ordered mine today! Yay!

Arrived through in the post this morning. Very nice . Thanks for organizing the discount.

Got mine yesterday too - really happy with them. Sorting out the discount was a pleasure!