Grounded on speed bump..

Caught the front sill extensions (behind the front wheels) on a speed bump last night.
The heads have sheard off the plastic fixings that hold the front sill extensions in place on the underside of the car…

Anyone know the best place to get suitable replacements (or a part no. to go and bother a dealer?)

Still wondering how to get the rest of the fixing out without the head… Drill out?

  • Been out to inspect it this morning and the front sill extension is cracked too. A*se! Looks I’ll be needing one of those too


Did the same with mine aquaplaning into some cones at 100mph at Elvington. Not fixed it yet, but most towns have a fixings wholesaler I guess. Ours is called BAP for BOLTS, anyway, I’ve wondered in with all sorts of bizzaro fixings and they always come up with the goods. Usually in an assortment of colours, threads, sizes, smells etc.

Thanks. Went on a test blat this afternoon to see if it flapped around too much!
Gaffer taped it up on the underside for now. I’m sure Lotus use gaffer tape as original equipment elsewhere on the car!

Going to phone the dealer tomorrow to see about a new lower clam sill piece, as it’s split. Not looking forward to the reply… Will need spraying and all that mullarky too.

Just remember guys - if the front splitter clears something, doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods re: clonkage!


I just re-read this and now think I understand which plastic screws you’re talking about.
You can get all those in Halfords.
Failing that, you can order them through any Lotus dealer and have them sent to your place.
Thay cost peanuts.

Indeed Halfrauds have a small selection. I bought a bag of every type as they are similar to the ones used on the Mister 2

Thanks guys. It’s a bit more than the screws now.

Simon @ Brooke Kensington is sorting me out with the some new over-sills and some paintwork!

Bit GJOB, I know, but she’s worth it!