Such a nice day decide to go for a quick blast - begga me within 2 miles gritting wagon coming in opposite direction spewing out grit the size of tennis balls, no avoiding action possible- made a bit of a mess mainly to the front - has anyone ever successfully touched up similar battle scars?


I’ve had to touch up many of these scars… but its never very great looking… always went with the philosophy of touch em in so it doen’t look too bad and when it get pretty rough looking just get the front resprayed properly…

The other alternatives are armorfend/invictashield or a bra…

Did you run through the following thoughts in your mind, as the Gritter approached?

“Do I tuck in really close behind the car in front?”
“Do I slow right down, to minimise impact velocity of the grit?”
“Do I speed up and puch my way through?”


I’d only worry about stone chips, when you come to sell the car, which will be never !


I bloody hate gritters, just to stop a bit of ice on the road so you don’t get oversteer!! We love oversteer, do they not know that?
I reckon its worse following a gritter on the motorway cus the b’stards sit in the middle lane, what you supposed to do, boot it or sit back?


But we are not normal, you know (and thrive) on that.

Those, the speedbumps and many other “rules” and particularities are made for the masses, who would [censored] themselves if they ever slid even a bit.
I am sure, have heard soooo many stories by non-drivers, people that drive because they need to, not because they like to.

At least you live in a society where you can find meny people like you. Just think of it, you could be living in aplce where the B roads are as straight as the motorways…

Gman - good point, so I intend not to do anything about 'em - hmmn, might even disguise 'em with those fake James Bond Esprit bullet holes

But why is it they never grit car parks that you pay stupid sum season tickets for??! Grrr!!

But why is it they never grit car parks that you pay stupid sum season tickets for??! Grrr!!

IDG… i’d have thought winter was when you actually got yer moneys worth…


erm…stone chips…what is this?..