Green Elise Trophy Exige who owns it?

Steve Williams has an Exige race car for sale and im trying to find a contact for the owner, im guessing its not Steves. I nearly bought this Exige a couple of years ago off Peter Story but ended up buying the 2-11 instead. Im looking to go back into the Elise Trophy so thinking of having another look at this car.

Anyone know the current owner? Or for that matter any other suitable car that may be of interest?

I have an official Motorsport 111R for sale at the minute.

Ready to race in production ET/ CupUK/ Cup Europe

Better spec than the green exige and never been raced/smashed.

You wont find a better spec toyota car for sale of that im sure.

Pm if interested, LHD though… For race car is better no!

I’m sure your humility prevents you from saying…but has it won any races Gav? :wink:

Trick question Ian ? :laughing:

Double doh! (I’m out of practice of this forum stuff)

But hey, Gav won something (other than our hearts with his build project)

No this one has never been raced Ian, fresh from Lotus Motor Sport workshop, ready for the new owner to go…