I guess more will follow suit.


I wonder how many of the whingers actually lived there before the circuit was built?

Lets all ride around their estates on Harley’s a couple of times a week. That should pi$$ 'em off

Feckin NIMBY’s

Feckin NIMBY’s

Don’t bank on it … Rumour has it that MSV have been considering selling many of their circuit sites for housing/business developments - much easier to make money that way than to keep them as motor racing venues …And what better way than to blame somebody else for the decision.

Call me an old cynic but it all comes down to money in the end. I’m sure JP wouldn’t support such a move but he isn’t the major money behind MSV…

As long as I can remember (thats a LONG time) Brands has been the subject of housing development rumours BUT in this day of anticar anti FUN government wanting to concrete over everything for houses nothing surprises me anymore…Thats why I am attending as many major circuit track days as possible…before its too late