Grand prix masters

For those that are missing their fix of motor sport, don�t forget Sunday is the first Grand prix masters race, being shown on BBC 2, so no annoying adverts and to top it all Murry Walkers back to do the commentary

Tell me more - what is the format??

I think this weekends race at Kyalami is the only one this year, however a full calendar is planned for next year. Basically the series is open to any ex-F1 driver with at least one seasons racing, and has been out of F1 for over two years. Drivers signed up include Mansell, Fittipaldi, Prost, Jones etc.
More info here BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Go! Go! Go!

and here

also just noticed Motors tv (sky 413) will be showing it live

Motors TV is also on NTL 173 for the satellite dish-challenged.

Must say really looking forward to it…especially with Murrey Walker getting a lump in his throat.

Qualifying 12:00 today, sky 413

Looks like Mansell still has it then