got a mk1 and a mk2!

hi guys just picked up my mk2 exige to go with my mk1,ok the mk2 is only a 1/10th scale remote control but looks the bizz.model is a hitari its in yellow (best colour)and is from argos priced at �49.99,dont know how she goes yet as battery is chargin.

For God’s sake man, how many toys do you need???

Thanks for that. Lotus International are selling them for �60, even with a 10% discount it works out more and you have to pay carriage on top.

Looks like I’ll be popping over the road to Argos tomorrow to get 2 (1 for home and 1 for work, of course - can’t work too hard )

cool - check out the spec! You can even get a TVR (bet it has to go back to the shop after the first run! )


be quick guys there was only one in my argos.that pic doesnt do it justice, it is very well detailed even the yokos are spot on.dont know if to use it as it looks cool on my coffee table.

looks like a pretty faithful copy… better than the tuscan they have anyway…

“Built in switchable frequencies allows 6 cars to be raced together”

I reckon it’ll come down in price too.