GoPro3 field of view

I have the use of a GoPro3 for an upcoming Euro tour. Not used one before and just wondering if anyone with trackday/road experience had an opinion on what setting to use for field of view. It seems pretty wide at the moment. I think narrower would be better. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

For track use I always preferred the wider field of view if it allowed to take in some footage from through the windows, makes the car look faster :laughing:

:joy:On a very slow test run through our village, I was surprised how “fast” I was going.


I think it also depends on where the gopro is mounted. If it’s up in the windscreen then you rarely get a fair feeling of speed, it’s one of my ‘worst’ views from a car. If behind the driver, over the shoulder - then a wider view can take in the flashing by scenery from the side windows which helps.

Thanks, Kyle. As I’ve borrowed it from a pal I think I’ll leave that setting as is. I have had to mount camera upside down but have flipped image capture and it’s working well in the RS. Will try in Exige before departure on Tuesday.If it looks “dodgy” then I can try mounting behind driver.