Goodyear F1s

The A048s are about to expire and I thought I may as well put winter tyres on. I gather the Goodyear F1s are worth a shot but would I need to to redo the geo? (I know you can only get 205s for the front but gather they are OK.) May just go with Toyos if simpler and then back to Yokos next year.

Any advice gratefully received.


geo can stay the same.

There are F1’s in 195/50/16 but they’re only V rated. Have a look on and you’ll see a number of options for both fronts (195) and rears (225). Can anyone suggest which ones are best, please?

If you want a set of winter tyres why not buy a proper set of winter tyres. I dont mean full scandinavian studded jobbies, just something like Conti WinterContact TS810s? I think they’re fab and I know several Elise owners who fit them in for the winter.

I’ve had a bit of time to get used to my F1’s now. I’ve got 205’s on the front and I got the geo done at the same time.

The balance of the car has certainly changed with 205’s on the front. Turn in understeer is gone but you can’t be such a hooligan or you’ll end up going the wrong way! Some will like the setup, others not I think.

The F1’s cut through standing water like it wasn’t there. They don’t give all their grip until properly warm though and in winter they might not get up to temperature so easily.

You will notice the difference in grip level with the F1’s. It’s very good, but it not an A048. If money is no object, I would recommend looking into Michelin PEII’s. I’ve had them on my corrado and they have massive amounts of grip, not too far of the A048 I suspect. They don’t cut through standing water as well as the F1’s but they are very soft so they are excellent in wet and cold.

I also use the Michelin PE2’s, and they are a great street tire winter or summer.

just fitted toyo T1r’s 205 50 fronts and 235 45 rears ,a much better ride for the road ,not as much grip as the 48’s but i am very impressed.
it does not track along the road,or slam into the potholes like the 48’s.
highly recommended.
�260 full set inc del from camskill.

Hi Demus,

Why did you go for those sizes and not 195/225?


For what it’s worth, I’ve had T1-S’s in the past, they have the same tread pattern as the F1’s but are harder and have less grip, I didn’t like them at all, there was very little grip in the wet.

I will have a look at the PE2s as they sound like a good compromise for all year round use. Ideally I want to get a second set of wheels and swap as necessary but can’t afford that at present.