goodbye to my old exige!

well off to ribble valley on friday with my old exige…the dealership are taking it in part exchange for a new s2…drove it today first time in a few months,feeling sad and a little guilty hmmm wonder if i could change my mind ,if anyone wants her shes here sure i might get a better price on here

Still, it’s been a while since the Davies house has had a new baby. One of each makes for a nice family.

Post that bad boy in the For Sale section!


Thanks Ian,
well i think the new exige baby is the only baby im allowed now…delivery is in august so will keep you guys posted, but in an ideal world would like to keep them both

oh well, you have still got the real thing in the family…

owww must confess i do love ya bruno…!!!

owwww…me toooo
greetings to Phil…is he working from home these days?