Goodbye Black and Red, hello Red and Black

Went to pick up the new Sport 350 yesterday, from Williams.
Really pleased with the buying experience with Williams. Even though it was a long drive there and back, being based just North of Bristol.
The terminator gear selector is a revelation :smiley:
The tartan interior is made from a few old pairs of Sir Jackie Stewart’s trolleys :laughing: . I know the tartan trim isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I do like it.
I have ordered a pair of tartan driving slippers too :laughing: Only joking.

Sod the motas - hiya Caroline :smiley:

Pete - nice one mate :sunglasses:

Very nice Pete, looks great.
One question though, Why the change???

Nice car Pete

Pete we are going to fall out if you keep goading me with these beautiful cars. :clap:

Awww do you fell left out?

Bog off you :smiley:. Maybe :smiley:

:laughing: I thought you would like the pic Rob.

We hope you are both well.
I think we all miss the Pesky banter here in the UK :wink:

Hi Dave

Can’t be long now before your nice motor arrives :wink:

I really enjoyed the whole experience of owning the LF1. The factory visits with other owners, including photo shoot. Tour of Classic Team Lotus and meeting Clive Chapman.
The Enstone trip, again with other owners was fab :smiley: That will probably never happen again :frowning:
I just felt things had run their course and it was time to move on again.

After the last couple of days driving the Sport 350, I am really glad I did as the car does feel a step forward (well to me anyway)
Even though I will still be driving slow at trackdays :laughing:

Don’t say that jonny :laughing:

Remember family comes first :wink: and I know that is exactly what you are doing at this moment in time :clap:
I am really looking forward to seeing your S1 :sunglasses:

Thanks Adrian :thumbup:

Looking forward to seeing the yellow beast at our next meet :slight_smile:

I will post up a few more pics after Wednesday. Which should include a shiny item with twin carbon tips :smiley:

You’re a bit of a dark horse, Pete.
Top marks, love the tartan.Which clan are you?
Stewart, Campbell or Mc Sween?

Stunning car

Looks even better in the flesh especially the seats upholstered from Jackie Stewarts trousers :slight_smile:

It’s Caroline’s clan, which is the Hunter Clan :wink:

I got the colour scheme after seeing Dennis at Anglesey :wink: So it must be Dennis’s big brother. I wonder if Benja will buy me a flashing blue light for Anglesey next year to match yours :laughing:

Caroline would look good in a kilt. Not so sure about you!

Nice, did you swop over the SSC induction kit ?

YOU KNOW IT, YOU KNOW IT :clap: :mrgreen: :thumbup:

Hasn’t got tartan seats, though!