Good price for an Elise S1 111S?

Hi I have come across an Elise S1 111s 1999T with only 1000 miles on the clock.This car was put into storage at 400 miles just after the owner purchased it. A storage company have maintained and serviced it for the last 3-4 years putting another 600 miles on the clock (weekly runs). The owner has now decided to sell it for �19,500 but will drop to �18000.The storage company will also arrange a warranty.The car is in showroom condition. Does anyone think �18000 is to much to pay? or should I go for it?Thanks in advance,David

Hi David,Just read your entry.Hmmm. I’d be a tad cagey at paying �18,000 because regardless of the history, as soon as you drive it yourself, the value will drop to about �15,500 or �16,000 tops. Then consider how quickly the S2s are depreciating and you’ll be left with a car that not many people will want to buy off you. After all, it’s far too easy to add a 135 up-grade to an S2 as an alternative etc.Bearing in mind this is quite an old message, you’ve probably bought the car already and this will mean nothing.Oh well…Mole