Good exige book ?

I’d like to learn a little bit on the project 111 development and of course on the S1 exige. I’ve seen a few books on the market, would you be kind enough to recommand one or two ?
Thank you.

I have ‘Elise - Rebirth of the true Lotus’ by Alastair Clements which is quite a nice book and has a few pages devoted to the S1 Exige.

The ISBN is 1 85960 857 4


The DVD on the history of the Elise was good - I think it was also on TV, but can’t remember what it was called???

Lotus Elise - The official story continues

This is a selection of press reports.

Thanx to all. I managed to get me a copy of the Discovery Channel film, thanx to Bit Torrent (I know, I know, it’s bad) and a copy of the Duke dvd.
I’ve noticed
the official story continues by Walton
the complete story by Tipler
rebirth of the true Lotus by Clements
Are they all worthwhile ?