Golf on Top of an Elise


"a golf which had left the road and gone through a wall which had metal railings on top of it.

Some how the car then slid along the top of the wall taking out the railings on top and came to rest with its front wheels sitting on top of a Lotus Elise.

Along the way it smashed up the rear ends of 9 Lotus’s 1 Merc and 3 TVR’s and 1 Freelander.Which were all neatly parked up on the garage forecourt.

The driver was extacated from the car by us and is doing well no major injuries lucky for him. "

(from Mud Club)

…is doing well no major injuries lucky for him. "

Until the owners of a few parked cars catch up with him…

Cut supply of Loti and just drove the price of our cars up!

The roof bows seem to be taking the weight of that Golf quite well!

Think that Elise is salvageable?