going to italy!

Hi im after urgent advice,the exige im selling is being sought from a buyer in italy. he has arranged his plane and everything and all i need to know is does he need to arrange insurance to drive the car from my house to italy if so what sort.would it be better to put him on mine for a week or for him to get his own. also method of payment. apart from physically bringing the cash over . how will he pay me instantly and secure before he drives off with the car. has anyone done this before. please !!!1

Sounds well iffy - just flog him your car, get the cash and let him sort out his own insurance - don’t get involved.

Insurance is definitely his problem, don’t get involved with that. Re payment, I suggest that you speak to your bank about the options. Probably an electronic transfer in advance would be advisable.

cheers i will recommend that he sorts out his own insurance and to get the funds ready for an instant bank transfer. i cant be kept waiting for the cash to go in my bank form his when he has already gone .i wouldnt allow that anyway.

Cash is good if you pay it in at a bank on the day of purchase. Amazingly my friend sold his ultima via a cash payment. �45000 in a tesco carrier bag, was wetting myself laughing when he told me. Must have looked well dodgy at the bank

Hey Tricky,

I did something like that a long time ago…

Was selling a LHD 911, met the buyer off the ferry at a Humberside port where he gave me a bankers draft/certified cheque, we drove to a bank where I asked them to check the cheque! Bank said it was good and I gave him the keys.

But I would be very careful, you got to ask…who needs a RHD Exige in Italy? Easy to get scammed when you need to sell.

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i been to the bank today and they say cash only.also he mantioned the lights is it ok to drive the car through france at night with uk headlights?

The headlamps can be changed for continental driving by flipping a lever on the dip beam headlight. The cover needs to be removed first by undoing the 3 allen head bolts behind the wheel arch liner so its not a matter of moments, but it can be done in about half an hour if all goes to plan. Take a look at the bulb replacement section of your handbook.

cheers mate where abouts is it, ill have to explain this to the buyer who is italian so all the help needed!

cheers mate where abouts is it, ill have to explain this to the buyer who is italian so all the help needed!

I’ve no idea where your handbook is, but the headlights are at the front of the car. Dip beam is the upper of the two lamps.

cheers lol!

ok will this work ? my bank says if i ask my buyer in italy to got to his bank in italy and ask for a sterling bankers draft for the value of the sale of the car. and then flys over here to look at the car and if happy we go to bank togehter and pay it in to check authenticity. is it as good as bringing the cash over and no way of it bouncing!