Glorious Goodwood

Spent the day banging round Goodwood yesterday courtesy of UBS and what a cracking day it was too.

The old girl did what she does best and whoooped everyone elses arse. Got to play with my toy, my old man’s toy (360), a new porky 997 and a new Masser. Got to say the Exige was head and shoulders above the rest. The only trouble I had was getting my Dad out of the drivers seat… he had come to the conclusion that his 360 was rubbish in comparison!!

Needless to say, the Honda didn’t miss a beat all day.


Why don’t you & Nick buy an Exige/Motorsport Elise, & race it in the Mid Engined Series next year - you know it makes sense?

Are you coming to Donny this Sunday?

I have been quite tempted to do a bit of racing in an Elise/Exige seeing they are really good fun and cost bugger all to run compared to a Group-C. The other trouble with the Group-C is that I only do 6 races a year so something extra would be great. If I do race a Lotus it would have to have a Honda engine though as I wouldn’t want to go through the same problems Barrie and Gavin have gone through with their’s. Prefferably it would have a 2.8 Litre supercharged lump with the thick end of 400bhp !!