Glade he aint in the UK

Scary track etiquette
I would not be happy if I were the F40

got to agree the first dive up the inside was out-of-order, but it depends what the briefing said about overtaking i guess ??

I’m not keen on some of his one handed nonchalence either

just like an afternoon at KH with the Hot Hatches tho’…

Does anyone know what the car is, seems to go well!

Looks like an elise s1 , but with what engine


Looks like an elise s1 , but with what engine


K series (non VHPD), surely, given the revs & the sound? It certainly ain’t a Honda though!

Is there anyway the Lotus could be standard, the guy driving is smooth and gets a good exit out of the turns. The others seem to be “all the gear…no idea drivers” This could make the Lotus look faster than it is. Whatever, the Lotus an’t doing a bad job!!!

…of at least 160bhp. Perhaps more? Standard 118bhp does not pull that well at those revs in those gears, 2 up.

Can’t believe the respective speed differentials on the straights and in the corners.

Entertaining little vid, notwithstanding the rash attempt early on.

They all seem to be driving with there eyes open and they give each other room if it’s needed, fair play to them.

Definate point and squirt merchants in the big motors. They are the biggest nightmare on trackdays IMO, hold everyone up in the corners, and think they are much faster than you coz they can pull away on the straights, yet you’d be 10secs a lap quicker if they let you past.

Don’t know who was in the Elise, but the F40 was more than likely a local neurosurgeon who also has an F50 and a 333sp. An absolute gentleman and always has time to give rides or even turn the keys loose.