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Russ or Pesky (Or anyone else for that matter).Need to get some new pads for the car, but which to go for? I know I want to go Pagid, but do i go RS4-2 or RS14 or RS14/19.Given that I tend to do the bulk of my driving in the hills of Yokshire and Lancashire and brake fade is an issue with the current OE fitment will the RS14/19 give the best balance !!What is the opinion with reference to only replacing the front pads, as the rear pads have quite a bit of meat left on them, or should I just change the lot in one go.Last but not least does anyone know whether race-speeds prices for the above can be bettered.Yogi

I would stick with the RS-14’s. They are more suited to track driving than the RS4-2’s. I think the 19’s maybe a step too far - best ask Owen as I think he’s the only one to try them! I’ve never heard of anybody fading the RS-14’s and they last well too! are about as cheap as you get - bearing in mind that p&p is included (I think!).Definitely change the rears at the same time! The rears do too little anyway, so you don’t want them to be inferior to the fronts as it will exacerbate the problem.CheersChris

YogiI have never experienced brake fade whilst driving on the road. In fact, rather the opposite as the OEM pads don’t perform at their best until warm!On trackdays, I found the brake pedal going “spongy” towards the end of a hard session.As the “problem” on track was not really serious i.e. there was always plenty of “pedal” left & the pads were not fading, I decided to sort it out once the front pads needed replacing.So far I’ve only needed to replace the fronts - with Mintex 1144 Competition pads. At the same time I fitted the braided hoses & SRF competition brake fluid.There was an immediate improvement in stopping power - with cold pads on the road, & with hot pads on trackdays. I have not experienced “spongy” pedal since the “upgrade” detailed above.My advice is, upgrade the pads/hoses/fluids when you need to i.e. if you experience problems braking on the road, or if you do when you’ve taken your car on the track. Provided you get some heat into the OEM pads, you should be okay with them for road use. It’s only when you get on track that you will give the brakes a good workout!Hope this helps - no point in spending a couple of hundred quid or so if you don’t need too!

Brakes? What are they for???(someone had to say it!) [image][/image]

I upgraded to braided hoses and SRF fluid at first…OEM pads were still brilliant…when fronts wore out I fitted RS14s to the front only…there is so much left on the OEM rears thats its a waste to throw them away…I now have upgraded front disks to Geary’s grooved and vented 2 parters…braking is fantastic and not at all unbalanced running totally upgraded fronts and standard rears.

Like Steve, I found the standard pads (with braided hoses) quite adequate for road and track use. They do, however seem to be the weakest link in the car. They need a very firm push to get them working, and I’ve never locked the wheels up unintentionally. I think I have a limit to how hard I like to push the pedal. Those standard pads are nearly worn out, and I’m thinking of upgrading.What I’m wondering is: Do the upgraded pads give more stopping power for the same pedal pressure? If so, I think I would be more inclined to push closer to the limit when I’m going for it on the track.Also, are RS14s the official Lotus Sport pads?

Brendan - there should be a scientific way of knowing which pad gives more bite…would it be coefficient of friction? but the RS14’s may be marginally better, what i will say for definite is that they appear to be lasting longer (which might suggest they give less bite!!!) but possibly at the expense of the disks!i understand RS14’s to be the official motorsport option, but not necessarily the ones run by all teams in the motorsport elise series.

I can vouch that there’s nowt wrong with Mr Green’s brakes!Thanks for the flying laps of Elvington today - impressive stuff [image][/image] Whilst writing, also thanks to Mr Admin & Colin (Porsche 996 Carrera)for giving me passenger rides too - Mr Admin can now throw the Skyline around with impunity - fantabby dozzy powerslides with smoke billowing from the rear tyres on the exit of some of the corners!!! [image][/image] Twas also great to see Matt Treagus & S111AGY having plenty of fun knackering their tyres [image][/image] : D [image][/image]

GuysI have decided to upgrade the brakes but I need some help.Do I go for the Aluminium Belled, cross drilled? But I read in an earlier post that these can warp - I think it was Admin5 who had problems with these discs. On the other hand, I could opt for the HiSpec Ally Belled, provided by have already decided to use Pagids, but which ones? RS15s or RS19s. Occording to some, RS14s are much better, why?Do I also have to consider certain type of brake fluid?Somebody please advise.Kevin[This message has been edited by Kp (edited 04 October 2002).]

Kevin,I think it is an urban myth about the Eliseparts discs warping - mine have been excellent both on the road and trackdays. Go for 14’s if you can get them, but they squeak a bit in road use.

Russ,Thanks the for response. I shall give Eliseparts a ring for more info.