whats the score about “running in”? help!..
I’ve had all sorts of advice from friends like “take it easy”…“keep off the second cam” “dont prolong steady revving”…others say"… hammer it from new" treat it mean to keep it keen" no need to run in"…" red line it the car will end up a faster one! is this true?..PLEASE TELL ME “I CAN GIVE IT DEATH”

i have read many arguments for the give it death motion. Personally i couldnt bring myself to risk buggering the engine. BUT… If you could do us all the favour of thrashing the bejeezus out of it and letting us all know the outcome it would be most helpful

Search the archives.
I’m sure you could trash it from new BUT the main thing is warranty.
The ECU stores everything you’re doing so the dealer can pull off warranty if they see on the (obligatory) download that it has been used in anger.

My advice then is: take it easy.
Drive it like a nanny through some looong trips (preferrably on very twisty B roads) and you’re fine in a couple of days.

I wouldn’t ‘give it death’ if I were you but in the same breath you don’t want to just sit at X thousand rpm for miles on end as this doesn’t run it in properly. Just drive it normally and don’t worry about the occasional rise through the revs so long as you don’t labour the engine.

I’ve completed 800 miles on mine now. For the first 300 mile I kept it under 3500rpm then up to 4500rpm till I got to 600 miles then I’ve been going on to the 2nd cam at 6200rpm just a few times. I’ve started to use full throttle travel now and aging. It’s hard to let a Porsche over take you…that way I�ve had to over to the 2cam a few times
Coming from a 111s Elise the Exige is still fast out of the 2nd cam stage. So it�s not a problem keeping it under for 1000 miles.
At the end of the day LOTUS knows best
Anyway mines in next Friday for its running service and then I’ll be on that 2nd cam all day long! !

The best advice is ‘read the handbook’…it’s all explained there.


I just picked up the new S2

Was told the running in procedure for the yota was

First 100 miles do not use full open throttle

keep it under 4500 rpm for the first 600 miles then
use full rev range until 1000 niles.

Then first service, Then go mad.

Good Luck mate!
Looks like you are going to have the whether this week to be able to put a few miles on the clock.
I’ve just got in from taking mine for a quick blip…and got a very nice wave from a blonde girl with a short skirt on…(I was very tempted!).