Getting Your Battery Out

…not too difficult a job - or so I thought.

There’s a long bolt which simply won’t budge, I’ve actually snapped a spanner trying to get it undone despite using WD40 etc. Any ideas???!

I changed my battery yesterday and had the same problem. However the bolt eventually turned - just wrapped the allen key in a rag and pulled very hard. I did spray some WD40 on it before. I dont think my battery had ever been out as the bolt almost seemed welded / rusted to the tray.

I have just fitted a Banner battery to mine - only weighs 8kg and is fitted as standard to Caterhams…

FINALLY! One new allen key later and loads of WD40 it’s fitted - certainly not as secure a fit as the original though, guess it needs a bit of grime and corrosion to hold it in place!

I had the same problem but not as bad. Why Lotus don’t use better quality fixings I’ll never know. That bolt should be stainless - no questions! No excuses for weight either rant rant