Get your magnesium Exige wheels here - HURRY!

***** Speedline 2010s in black, the original Motorsport Elise wheels that fit our Exiges *****


Gentlemen, we’re finally there!

7x16 ET7 - Fronts = �231-00 each
8.5x17 ET12 - Rears = �275-00 each

UK carriage �25-00 for a set of 4

All plus VAT

To save you getting out your calculators, I make that �1218.48 all in (about 70 quid less than two years ago).

Delivery expected in the first 2 weeks of May.

An order has been placed with Italy for 8 sets (first come first served) but we can increase this order IN THE NEXT WEEK. So, if you want them order them quick!

To place your order contact David Williams at Speedline Corse:

[email protected]
+44(0)1952 582825


ps. Finally phew!

To summarise, for those that don’t know.

These wheels originally ran on slick-shod Motorsport Elises with a 3mm spacer between the wheel and the hub. Lotus Motorsport apparently confirmed this as a precaution, so it’s up to you.

The wheels are scheduled to come with its standard nut liners, so will need Elise wheel nuts (only a pound or so each, 16 obviously needed). I have a very nice dealer that has agreed to provide these at a slight discount and I’ll post his details shortly (may even be able to provide the spacer too if you want).

David is looking into the possibility of providing nut lines that would take our standard nuts. I’ll let you know.

Speedline say the weight saving will be in the order of 2Kg a wheel. Unsprung weight is the best sort to loose.

They also say “These wheels are a racing spec. so are not warranted for road use. What this means in practice is that the wheels are not designed to bash potholes all the time ! I suppose the most important thing to consider about this type of wheel is that whilst road wheels from Speedline are designed to have a long life, the racing wheels are designed to have a relatively hard life, but low in milage terms. Usually this means 2 or 3 seasons of race use, but can sometimes be 6 or 7 if the milage is quite low.”



A couple of questions, if you please !!

What are the spacers actually for?

And the cost?

How much do they weigh??

PS Are the wheels silver as in the picture, or black as in the text?

What with 90 replys to the previous post, I was beginning to think this one was invisible!!!

First question beto (and kenh0) provided the answer to on the previous post:

Hey guys, got the word back from the Handling dept. regarding spacers (via Russell G). Looks like spacers are a precaution, and it doesn’t matter if you got MSport brakes or not:

“We used to fit these spacers if we supplied the car with speedlines fitted, but i have seen many sport elises with speedlines fitted that don’t use the spacers and it doesn’t seem to have an effect. The Dynamics of the car will not be altered by fitting or not fitting 3mm spacers, what can happen is that if you run slick tyres and the car is entering a high G corner the tyre can touch the chassis, but this is extreme cornering, on road tyres this will probably never be an issue. If you fit slicks then maybe look into fitting the spacers as a precaution, these should be available from most good wheel and race parts suppliers.”

The cost I’m not sure. I’ll see what my friendly dealer comes up with, or if somebody can ask at the show tomorrow. I know they’re in a key place but surely they’re just v.big washers?

Weight I’ll have to ask David for (he’s apparently away until Tuesday), that is unless MarkD (or anybody else who already has’em) can help. About 2kgs less than std he said.

And the colour ‘black’. Especially coloured coded for your car mike!



The standard 2nd hand set on ebay went for �805 (+ �50 postage)! - see here


He He !!

Hell of a lot to pay - usual price around �500…

Did you all clock the interesting names in the bidding??


I was bidding - dipped out at �550, auction went wild in last 10 mins BTW if anyone has a set in reasonable condition I’d def pay �500

Ord3ered my set of Speedlines today - they tell me they have sold six sets including mine, and have two left…

Come on guys - may never get the chance again !!!

I’m in the throes of deciding S1 or S2, yes I know I’ve been following you guys now for about 2 months so spare me.
Will these fit the S2?

Nope, completely different.

Surely you’re not making your decision on the wheels…

Thanks for the reply - No I’m not just didn’t want to miss the opportunity to buy - now I’ll have to wait.

Could be your last chance! This may well be the last ever production run!


Is there still a set going? If so I’m on.

I think you may be lucky. A couple of sets left last I heard.

Give David a call, contact details on the first post of this thread.


There were two a week ago…

The contact details are listed earlier in this thread…

Get minds mike, both posted the same thing at the same time!


Hi all,

Just had an update on the wheels, still all on track for May.

Speedline don’t want to supply Exige nut liners, they did discuss it but felt an alternative spec wasn’t really desirable. It may also have effected the warranty.

So if you need some Elise wheel nuts I have got a friendly dealer to offer a discount of 15% on them. They use them on their race car.

Elise nuts - A111G6001F - �2.34 each (-15% = �1.99, not sure if that’s with or without VAT)

Chris Stewart
Parts Department Manager
Bell and Colvill
Epsom Road
West Horsley
Surrey. Great Britain
Tel 01483 286459 Fax 01483 281777

On fitting tyres to the wheels, Speedline recommended any decent tyre fitter. ‘Decent’ not really meaning Kwik-Fit, etc. somebody that knows what they’re doing. If you’re in the Midlands, Silverline in Warwick were mentioned.

Magnesium is a different sort of metal but there’s apparently no real need to worry, especially if a few simple bits of care and maintenance are undertaken. Mag is hydroscopic, so it attracts water and will corrode. To combat this the first layer is a special hard coating. If you do manage to get a scratch down to the metal, just clean and paint over it relatively soon afterwards.

The mounting point, to the hub won’t be painted (and shouldn’t be!), so just remove the wheels and use a bit of wet’n’dry on the mount at least once a year to keep the corrosion away.

David at Speedline has seen 7-10 year old wheels of his in crap condition on old WRC rally cars still serving them well.

David is looking for the end of next week to finalise everybodies wheels, so if you did want to see if he’s got any left it’s worth trying him soon.


Ian - ordered them - looks like an S1 then…Bryan