George Mackintosh's S2 Race Elise

Nice, very nice!

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its an Elsie not an Elise

Is that not the one that broke down at Brunty?

how competitive with the S1s is it?

Well it won the Mid engined series last year, so I guess it does the business.

Whats he racing in next year then???

Whats he racing in next year then???

I would guess it’s the Mid Engined Sportscars Series…

Seriously though, dunno No doubt someone will come up with the answer very soon

Whats he racing in next year then???

You worried Sean?!

Well I have done a bit of digging and if what I have heard comes off, he is gonna be in one competitive package next year.

I think what I was told was in confidence, so I am gonna keep my mouth shut for the time being.

Ho Hum, so what else can I mod on my car???

I think you know the answer to that sean, but nobody else knows, between us for now

Well not many anyway!!

Take his wheels off Sean - that’ll knack im!!

What no clicky button on the banner Dave - I thought you were good at website stuff!!