Genuine S1 Exige parts..

I have the following parts for sale now my S1 Exige has been sold :

Genuine S1 Exige roof - white, complete with seal - £1200

  • good condition, a hole in the intake mesh (where I fed my GPS beacon through)

Genuine S1 Perspex Engine cover - white - £1200

  • there are a few bubbles on the paint, and could probably do with being re-lacquered.

Genuine S1 rear Spoiler - grey, with uprights - £600

Full Set of wishbones and uprights (steel rears) - £1000

  • these were powdercoated and re-bushed when I bought the car and were only taken off when I moved to race wishbones/uprights - they could go straight on a car as is.

Genuine engine bay trims - £300

  • engine bay bulkhead trim + 2 side trims

S1 Exige Fibreglass airbox - £100

Hi Dave
Mp for engine bay trims :thumbup:

Hi Dave
I hope you are well!
I don’t have any news from you , Do you still want to sell your engine bay trims?
Thank you for your reply.
Kind Regards

MP for you Dave

Hi Dave,

Interested in buying the engine cover, it the one proposed is fully load ( top hinge + rear locker and cable ideally ?) if yes, I put a serious option and then PM you. Tks!