Gemini 6 speed sequential box

6 speed box complete with all linkages, cables and gear lever.

Weight ONLY 33 KGS!!!

New are over �11k

never used, offers around �8k

call me on +44 (0) 7966 388229

or mail me on [email protected]

I assume it mates directly to the K series?

Are any mods needed to make it fit in the space vacated by the PG1?

And what are the ratios? (Or - how fast will it go in top and on what diameter wheels?) How easy / expensive is it to change the ratios?


The box was designed as a direct replacement for the original gearbox.

The ratios are as follows

1 12:35
2 14:30
3 16:27
4 19:26
5 22:25
6 25:24

final drive 16:56

The gearbox was designed with a top speed of 168 at 8000rpm running on 17" wheels

It therefore should be a simple case of take the original gearbox out and fit the new one in!!!

you just have to play with the cables but I have a professional set of touring car cables that are designed for the job.

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