Gearbox, synchro or clutch?

I’m not particularly mechanically knowledgeable, so I’m hoping someone may be able to help me with this one.

I had to duck out at Brands Hatch as I was having trouble getting the Exige into gear around the track. Dave kindly bled the clutch and checked the gear linkage to no avail, and I found a bit of flat ground, stuck it in reverse and no movement - so no clutch drag as far as I can tell.

So the symptoms which appear only when driving (gear selection is ok when stationary with the engine running) are:

  1. Difficult to engage gear, especially when changing quickly down the box
  2. ‘Clunk’ from rear of car when changing quickly - seems to be a bit of a jolt as well, but can’t be sure (it’s an Exige!)

From working on motorbikes I would guess at a gear selector fork or synchromesh if the clutch is ok.

Any suggestions before I ask Sinclaires to replace the clutch?

Thanks, DJ

Engine mount?

I know mine gets a bit slushy when the rubber linkages get really warm. Could you have damaged one of those? Geary does a Nylatron upgrade.

If it does come to the clutch, it may be worth putting the racing one on. I understand it performs better and isn’t much harsher to use.



Is the clutch slave cylinder firmly bolted to the gearbox? If its loose it will move when you push the clutch out making gera selection difficult… this will be most noticable at standstill.