gearbox short ratio

I saw an Exige on track going very fast - it had a special short gearbox (manual 5) - another mechanic told me to put a 6-gear sequential gearbox in itare these good solutions, known I mainly go to Spa and the Ringwhat would be the best balanced solution, known I think about a supercharger

The UCR gearbox makes a big difference IMO. I think many of the Exiges in 177bbhp trim could actually pull a higher top speed in 4th because on the change up to 5th the revs obviously reduce and there is not enough power to maintain the change up speed. It should still get up to about 140ish before it hits the rev limiter. I am guessing at Spa the longest straight is up hill anyway, so I would imagine that would suit you anyway.6-speed sequential would be even more fantastic, but far more expensive. I think will have prices.Cheers

NarcirisI take it that you are thinking about supercharging your car? If so, I don’t think that the UCR box will be an advantage - in fact, probably the opposite. I’ve been out a few times in Mr Admin’s car & there is soooo much power/torque, that I’m sure that there is no “noticable” drop off on gear changes.Perhaps Mr Admin could post his views, because I’m sure that he has considered fitting the UCR box.

Oops - quite right Mr Pasky. I didn’t read that last comment correctly. Should probably await David’s response on whether the standard gearbox works well with a supercharger - obviously a very different power delivery.Cheers