Gearbox oil

Driving back through Lincolnshire via Caistor to Beverley after the LOT track evening at Cadwell on the 26th(which was brilliant and very dry!)I glanced in the mirror to see the engine compartment filled with thick black smoke.Bl***y hell-thought I was on fire!!Out with the fire extinguisher and opened the hatch.The smoke was clearing and no fire so after 5 mins I started the engine and drove home v.slowly.Up on the ramps and it looks like the right diff bearing has failed so the oil seal has gone so oil all over the back of the engine and on the exhaust which caused the smoke but very luckily no fire.Has this happened to anyone else.I honestly thought the whole thing was going to end up as a pile of smouldering fibreglass!

Lucky escape, Dave - hope it’s all sorted soon.

Lucky escape, Dave - hope it’s all sorted soon.

Has the bearing deffo gone?? The seals are [censored] to be honest, so with a bit of luck it might just be that, that needs replacing.

The problem is the gearbox oil gets sooooooooooooooo hot when on a track day, it cooks the seals. I had this happen to me in the old days.

I used to monitor the gearbox oil temps and they would go over 150 degrees. Ever since I have always ran a gearbox oil cooler.

If the bearing has gone the noise will be profound!!

Had similar issue on the Honda.

However it was intermittent !

Problem was the Inner Tripode had come out of its location and would pop back in again - I changed three oil seals until I found out what was going on …

You could tell it was out as you would get some vibration, so I’m with Sean if the bearing was gone you would have really bad vibration especially on take off.