Gearbox Oil - when to change ?

Anyone got any opinion on when to change it ?

The gearbox does get real hot on a track day and I guess it breaks down as easy as engine oil … just something in the back of my mind



I would like to change my gearbox oil as well - even tho Lotus have filled it for life with Texaco. However, I wondered how to do this as I couldn’t find a filler hole and the level inspoection plug would seem like the only other way of doing this.

Also would you refill with Texaco?

BTW is this a VW gearbox?? same as a golf??

I just changed mine do to a rebuild. Texaco is not available in the US and the factory said a good race synthetic lube would be fine.

Here’s the drain plug.



Thanks for attachement - question is … how the hairoil do I fill it up using that wee hole in the vertical plane? I know our exige is small and light but standing it on its nose would be a bit of a task ehh ??


Hell if I know; I cannot get the trans back in the car


You need something like this to do it easily.

Hope this helps


Ahhh thats easy, get a funnel from Halfords (its orange in colour) and then push a piece of water hosepipe into it (about 3 foot in length) and the other end into the gearbox filler hole, tie it up or hold it and pour the oil in

ahhh thanks mike & phil, that’s a whole lot easier than standing my car on its nose…


Tried to use 9.6K GSM IE connection with 1 bar of signal during holiday … er forget it eh !! - Well apart from bookatrack who’s site was very quick …

Hey so when should we change the oil then, now we know how to …

Totally up to you when you change it, as you know its filled for life but the gearbox does get very hot when being tracked but unlike engine oil it wont get dirty, ermmm lets say change it every 36000 or 3 years [image]^/x/beer.gif[/image]

Cheers Phil

I was thinking about a few jobs, cambelt. gearbox oil etc for the 3 year “MOT” treat - maybe early but you never know huh