Gearbox issues

Hi im a newbie I posted this in the running gear forum not sure if it was the right one or not so please forgive me. Got no response in their maybe no one looks at it…I will try again in here…all opinions appreciated…

For some time now I have been suffering from quite a sticky and notchy gearchange in my elise. I had the box stripped down by a freind (he is a fully qualified mechanic-works for TVR), and he said their was very little wrong with it. So since then I have been searching for an oil that may help, although I know it cannott cure the problem completley. I tried Castrol, Mobil, Motul, 76, Triple R among many others, and none seemed to make any difference at all. Then the same mate recommended I try an oil he has worked with at TVR. While it needs a longer term test to asess its overall protection capabilities, which Royal Purple UK assure me are exceptional, it has DEFINATLEY made a reasonable improvment to my gearchange.
I will keep you all posted as to the results of my next strip down…but this time I have a good feeling after so many bad experiences (my poor poor wallet!!!)

Have any of you got any opinions on Royal Purple or am I on my own?

Might be the linkage(cable) from the gearlever to the box, that is causing your problem.See for an uprated linkage.