Gearbox fear

My exige has always had a ‘chattering noise’ between 3000 and 5000 revs in 3rd to 5th when coming off the power which I have been told could be clutch plates. Yesterday however I noticed a synchromesh whine type noise when going into 3rd. If I apply pressure to the gear stick without dipping the clutch then you can hear it clearly. Also it sounds really bad in reverse but I dont know if all exiges do ! Any ideas and has anyone ever had much trouble with gearboxes. Cheers.

a bit of noise is normal, especially for reverse as it has straight cut.

Great, at least Iam safe to drive backwards. I know the exiges are full of noises but the’rattling’ I get as it slows down from the gearbox sounds really crappy sometimes. If it helps with the analysis, I can play with the noise by touching the throttle on and off. Just a slight pump of gas and the chattering goes away, release the peddle and it is back !!

The best option is to get yourself along to one of the Exige trackdays and listen for yourself from the passenger seat!

Check out the events section…