gearbox cooler

hi folks, does anyone know the threads fittings required to put a oil cooler onto the gearbox of a K series equipped Elise. ?
or is it really not needed. ?


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deffo needed. My K series gearbox oil used to get hotter that the engine oil. Plus with the cooler and associated pipework you end up with an extra litre and a half ish of oil in the system, which is no bad thing.

I had my casing drilled and tapped, so I could have what ever size I wanted. I used a Mocal laminova as the cooler and that had -6 braided hose in and out of it. The feed from the gearbox to the pump was a -8.

cheers folks, I was hoping to use the drain and fill holes, seeing as it would make it easy.! just unsure on what thread they areā€¦
got the pump of a Nissan 200SX, and using a normal mocal type cooler element.