Having spent most of the afternoon driving the motor up and down the A5 between Beds and Bucks, this included negotiating with the infamous roundabouts of Milton Keynes, I was somewhat disappointed with the gearbox. It’s bollox! Now, for the most part it was behaving itself, but after the occasional sprint (6500-7000rpm), it positively refused to go in to third gear, and at other times fifth gear wouldn�t engage either.I thought it was me, and so I would make sure the clutch was fully extended, but the problem still occurred. I only had the car for a month, and so surely, it cannot be lack of gearbox oil, or can it?Any ideas?

Sounds like the linkage from the gear lever to the box. If replacing, go for the upgrade from

Pesky,I take it then the standard linkage on the Exige is notoriously crap! If that�s the case, I shall include the linkage upgrade on my shopping list. Also, I was thinking of ordering a short shifter from eliseparts. Surely that’s got to improve gear changing too, or is that not necessary?Cheers [image][/image]Kev.

quote:Originally posted by Kp:I take it then the standard linkage on the Exige is notoriously crap! KevLinkage is not normally troublesome - it’s just that your problem points in that direction.The “short shift” is a “no-brainer”, search the archives for info. Most of the regulars here have upgraded to the short shift, but I’m only aware of a couple who have so far changed the linkage.

Could also be the Cable Abutment Bracket for the gear change cables. This holds the cables at the engine end and is known to fracture (well at least on Elises).It’s fairly easy to repair. Reverse the car up a pair of halfords type ramps. Undo the undertray under the engine and the cables and bracket are right in front of you. If it is a broken bracket, a new one is about 14 GBP from the dealer.HTH,NiallRuby 111s Elise*note to all, this is my stock reply to gearbox queries of any sort. [image][/image]

niallf,Cheers for the “stock reply” [image][/image]It may be worth checking out all sorts of possibilities before spending loads of dosh.Thanks

Kp,If it is the bracket, I have a new one that is your for a fiver!It is well worth getting the EliseParts linkage kit as well as a short shifter - I think there is a discount if you buy both.The linkage kit replaces all the flexable rubber bushes with nylatron ones and replaces cr4ppy ball joints with decent uniball ones.SteveB

It could be a broken engine mount as it is only happening in in 3rd and intermitantly in 5th? It sort of makes sense as I have just had the same problem on my everyday car a Citroen XM TD estate! The boost control was broken, when it was fixed I had to try out the power which then found a weekness in on of the engine mounts which ment I had difficulty sellecting 2nd and 4th. Hope this is of some help to you.

KP - I had the short shifter fitted and it’s great. However, I very recently had probs getting into reverse and 3rd. Car drove ok most of the time, but it suddenly went and wouldn’t go into any gear.Turned out the clutch had gone, which after 13/14 track days ain’t bad! Cost �750!Not a lot of warning tho…!

Mike have you got it on the shortest setting?I went for the long setting (still much shorter than standard), and I think it’s great, but I can’t imagine it being shorter without becoming awkward.

Hi all, thanks a lot for the comments and suggestions,SteveB, miketurnI decided to go for the short shifter and linkage kit from Eliseparts � I don�t particularly like the �excess� play and the long stick travel you get with the standard kit. I will also get the car up on ramps to investigate the Cable Abutment issue � SteveB, I may take you up on the offer [image][/image] I doubt that the clutch is going already, because the car has only done 8900 miles and I don’t think it has done many track days, but I suppose I shouldn�t rule the clutch out completely.nick c,If it is a broken engine mount, wouldn�t I experience some kind of unfamiliar vibration during accelaration and certainly at idle time? Thanks to all.Kev.

Kp,I have not broken an engine mount on my Exige (yet!)it seems like quite a common problem judging the posts elsewhere on this site. Prehaps others who have experienced broken engine mounts could comment on the symptoms on the Exige? On my Citroen there was no obvious clues while running apart form the gear selection problem in one plane 2nd & 4th. On further investigation under the bonnet it was quite easy to tell as the engine had excesive movement when rocked by hand. Hope this helps.nick.

nick c,Thanks for the input, m8.I’m not too busy this weekend, so I got plenty of time to get to the bottom of the problem.Cheers

Guys,I have spent some dosh, and Geary has done a fine professional job.Upgraded gear linkage + short shifterUpgraded break hoses + Pagid RS14sWhat a difference the above makes - the car has new a personality, it’s great [image][/image]The new linkage took a little while to get used to, but after 160 miles of running in, it’s better than I have ever imagined it would be. Precision is that of a rifle bolt when changing gears - I highly recommend it.Breaks are far more responsive an powerful.Also had a vent made in the rear clam - pics to follow, as soon as I sort out my website.Pesky and others, cheers for the advice.Kev.[This message has been edited by Kp (edited 27 November 2002).]