Gear change

Hi all

3rd to 4th gear seems to have gone more notchy than usual at times - and Ive started to get the faint whiff of clutch now and again. Anyone had similar or know what the problem may be. 4500 miles - Not tracked. Cheers

Not much help really, but I did notice when I had my LF1 that sometimes it was difficult to select first gear when setting off from a standstill. I just put that down to the cables needing adjusting, but didn’t bother getting it done. The gear selection was great the rest of the time and I covered 8500 miles in the car
I did find the LF1 clutch quite heavy in it’s operation compared with my new Sport 350,which I am led to believe has a lightweight clutch.
I have read a few posts stating that there has been problems with early V6s clutches, but that was because of a noise issue rather than a gear selection problem.
Has the car been tracked and the gearbox oil got too hot. If so might be worth trying some fresh better quality oil.
It might just be a cable adjustment problem. If you are still under warranty, best to take it to a dealer and get them to take a look at it.

Thanks GP - no never tracked and still under warranty - I’ll get the dealer to check it out. Cheers.

I noticed yesterday after a blast round the borders and Kielder that gear change was getting a little stiff, then when I got into Hawick I really struggled to get reverse and 1st gear. After the car had cooled down it was fine until I got home when it had warmed back up and the same issue came back. I am awaiting a switch on back order from Lotus and when it goes in to get that fitted I will get them to change the gearbox oil and check the cables.

Might be clutch fluid - I had a similar problem on mine at only 6 months old. I took it to the dealer to be looked at and he said it was “the way I was driving it” and “I couldn’t expect a smooth gear change on a car like that”. It eventually ended with me not being able to select a gear. Turned out to be the clutch/brake fluid which was changed and fixed it. The dealer I was using charged me for this despite warrantee and the fact the car was only 6months old with 5k miles and not tracked. This is one of the reasons I take it elsewhere now.

Car is now nearly 2 years with 10k miles and a couple of trackdays and it’s been fine since.

Thanks Bully - so how much did the dealer charge for that if you don’t mind me asking?


and thanks ad-s too - helps me build up a picture and relief that it’s not just me.


They charged me £92 for the fluid change but that was after I argued about it - I think they asked for around £130 originally.


Thanks Bully - booked in at Oakmere on 30th Sept…

Oakmere will sort you out no problems if you still have warranty left. They have always been great with mine. On my S2 i had slight notchyness when cold and a separate issue of not being able to engage first occasionally when hot. They replaced the clutch and third and fourth without batting an eyelid.

thanks Top Cat - that eases my mind :somewhat :slight_smile:

Another plus for Oakmere.
I had a spark plug fail after a 260 upgrade.
They sent a trailer to recover the car back to them , sorted the problem and didn’t charge a penny

Nice one jfk - keep 'em coming :smiley:

Just an update for info

Dropped off at Oakmere a week ago - they’ve had authorisation from Lotus to proceed - waiting for parts - so maybe a week or so. Not fussed about the wait. Just glad its getting sorted and I wasn’t imagining things!

Update from me I had my car at Lotus Carlisle the other week. Lotus instructed them to bleed the clutch after they fitted the new clutch pedal switch.

That’s tough, Ade. Don’t suppose you’ll make next Sunday’s planned meet in Keswick?

I’m hoping they will pull their fingers out and get it sorted this week, if they do I will collect on Sunday morning and come along

Sorry to hear about the clutch problem Adrian, I hope you can get it fixed and back on the road soon.
Will they be fitting a standard or uprated one ?

Standard one I think, nothing has been confirmed yet though

Have you managed to get the car fixed Adrian ?