Gear Change

Thinking about modifying the gearchange to one of those short shift thingies, anyone got any long term experiences? Also is there a linkage mod as well? Also, anyone on the board in Southern Ireland? They do both the short shifter and the linkage mod (proper rod ends and gets rid of the horrible rubber bushes)Have both on my car… much much better than standard. Bri

I have the Lotus quickshift (they’ve branded a B&M product).It feels much more ‘engineered’ than the standard shift and I would suspect changing the linkage makes it even more so (although a little tight for some I hear).Mine is set to 23% reduction, which I understand the Lotus chaps recommend (so why didn’t they fit it to the standard car then?!). There is a 33% reduction setting which some have theirs set to and like (calling Pesky) but I understand it can make 5th a little tricky. That’s not a problem if you’re track oriented as you never use 5th.All in all, I’m pleased with the result.Ian [image][/image]

The problem with 5th being tricky on the 33% setting is the spacer shim designed to raise the mech up by 3mm isnt quite thick enough.The bottom of the cup on the bottom of the linkage scrapes on the mounting point for the whole shebang. You can either put some washers between the lever mounting and the spacer, or grind some of the mounting bracket away.Hope that helps [image][/image] Bri