Gear change spring

Hi guys,After just 1300 miles my gear lever has lost it’s spring…In neutral, the gear lever normally sits in line with 3rd and 4th gear, and to engage 1st or 2nd, or reverse gear requires the lever be pushed against a spring. Well, mine doesn’t appear to have one any more! The gear lever will stay pushed either to the extreme left or right.Any ideas? Is this a simple fix or a ‘back to the dealer’ job?Ian [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by IPJ:Any ideas? Is this a simple fix or a ‘back to the dealer’ job?Ian, I’m fairly sure that this is a gearbox out job. From memory, the springing is in the gear selection mechanism inside the box itself. Sorry, but it’s a dealer job if it’s under warranty. HTH.

Oh! Mines been like that since day one - “they all do that sir” kind of response!

quote:Originally posted by X1GGE:Oh! Mines been like that since day one - “they all do that sir” kind of response! No they don’t and they certainly shouldn’t! Go and bend your dealer’s ear (assuming your car�s still under warranty)!

I posted the same question to Nick Adams on the OLC BB. Here is his response: quote:Either the crossgate cable or the pivot arm has partially siezed, creating enough resistance to stop the spring from centralising the gearlever or the spring has failed. The spring lives inside the gearbox so it’s a dealer job to get that fixed I’m afraid. To diagnose the issue, remove the front and rear sections of the rear diffuser and disconnect the crossgate cable outer from it’s anchor bracket by sliding the steel spring clip out of place, noting the location of the spring carefully so you can reassemble it later… Grab hold of the pivot arm the cable inner is linked to and push and pull it. If it returns to the centre every time and doesn’t need a lot of effort to shift it then the cable is partially siezed and needs replacing. If the pivot is stiff to move and tends to stick fully foward or fully aft then try putting a little oil on the central pivot and working the pivot arm to get the oil into the pivot. If the arm frees up and centres normally add a little more oil and re-assemble; the problem was lack of lubrication making the pivot tighten up. If the pivot arm doesn’t self centre after a reasonable amount of time and doesn’t feel particular stiff to operate then the problem probably lies with the spring, in which case it’s dealer time I’m afraid.I’ll get under there and have a look at the weekend and report back what I find.Ian.