Gear box

Hi All need some help I live in Ireland and drive a 2006 exige s2 looking for advice on where to buy new crown wheel and pinion as mine has broken would you advice on using standard Toyota parts or is there alternative stringer parts available cheers Keith

There are a couple of stronger options available from the likes of Jubu and Kaaz, but I’m not aware of any that retain the factory ratio.

Both Jubu and Kaaz are shorter ratio, IMO an improvement - but not to everyones taste. If you go this route, you may also decide to put the longer 6th gear in that was specced on some Toyota cars for cruising manners.

Toyota also do a longer ratio one, which is in theory stronger because it has fewer, chunkier teeth. Typically you would only fit this along with a shorter ratio gearset such as the setup seriouslylotus had in his Yellow Peril.

If you’re going to the trouble of a tougher final drive, you may also want to consider an upgraded 3rd/4th gear “whilst you’re in there”, as they’re typically the earlier failure point, in theory.

For what it’s worth, I’m running SSC 3rd/4th with Kaaz Final Drive and the longer 6th, great compromise.

Good luck :thumbup:

If you are Supercharged then I would go for the slightly higher Toyota 4.312 FD ratio for the C60/64 box - Involves new output shaft/pinion as well as ring gear. This is a stronger set-up (less teeth) than the standard 4.529 FD ratio.

If you are in the higher power range you could also get the 4.312 set cryogenically treated for more insurance.

Again if SC car, then worth considering fitting the SSC 3/4 gearset while you are in there.

One of the main costs both monetarily and time-wise, is getting the box out.
While it’s out, have it rebuilt with new synchros and other consumables.
Personally, I’d do 3rd and 4th ( I had SSC), FD ( I had SSC std ratio), long sixth and an LSD.
Starts to add up!

Hi thanks for all help