GAZ Adjustable dampers

Hi All,

Was doing my Sunday poke around eBay when I came across these GAZ dampers, which seem quite reasonable. (I still have the std Konis on my car):

Have these been discussed before and how are they rated against the more expensive Nitron / Ohlins options?

Cheers Carttman

PS: Very nice video attached to that advert too!!

Try a search on Seloc


Ok, quite a bit of tit-for-tat going on in those posts. Its a pity GAZ didn’t send Simon S a set5 for an independent evaluation to set the record straight.

It’s really hard though to sift through all the assumptions, emotion, low-blows etc and just get the facts though, which is unfortunate.


It’s really hard though to sift through all the assumptions, emotion, low-blows etc and just get the facts though.


Congratulations, you have just summed up SELOC in one sentence!!

So dare I ask…are any S1 Exige owners running GAZ and if so, let’s hear your feedback.

BTW…I should be getting my Martins rear diffuser before long…loking forward to fitting it!


I got a pair on the front of my Elan Sprint. Transformed the handling but to be fair anything would have as the old spax ones were shot to [censored]!

Got a pair for the front of the Exige last year. Seem fine to me. Did a full nut and bolt rebuild. Blasted and painted all the steel bits etc…

Ran them at Cadwell earlier in the year and the car felt great. I’m not Lewis Hamilton nor do I have any other experience of other shockers on the Exige (apart from the Shagged 50k milers which came off)!

Not exactly Sexy kit but were easy to fit and the adjuster is easy to get to (not that I have moved the setting from where I had it on assembly).

I’m going to back them off a bit for the road next year as I think the setting is not forgiving enough for the road. We’ll see.

After fitting I blathered everything in waxoyl. Last time I checked still seem as good as new.

If I can actually get in my lovely huge garage I have just had built I’ll be fitting a pair on the back ASAP

I think they are about �250/pair. I cant for the life in me remember the spring lb age - I might have it on the receipt. I ordered them for the car and naively assumed they are the same as standard - Christ knows I have slept since then.

As for forums I take everything with a pinch of salt - lots of bollox talked - as you can see from my post