FYI - MOMO Steering Boss Part #

After much searching through all the steering bosses at the local motorsport supply shop we finally found a Momo boss which is a direct replacement for the exige steering wheel. We just needed two washers as it was 3mm to short but it’s fine now.

The part # is 12115116609.

Sparco also make a removeable steering adaptor which fits onto the boss and does not need a code, key, etc.
and brings the steering slightly closer.

Sure you guy’s already knew about it, just thought in case i would post the part number.

good tip Jason

If the wheel cannot be locked onto the hub with a key it may not pass an MOT.

Also, I’ve been having problems with the black Snap-on removable boss that seems to be quite common. I wouldn’t recommended re-fitting it too often as that’s when the problems seem to start (Alu threads being stripped out). For those on the Andy Walsh day with me, when the wheel came off in my hands(!), that appears to be due to incorrect screws being used by the dealer, not a general design flaw.


Bloody hell…when you talk about refitting it, do you mean just taking the steering wheel off via the 2 spring loaded pins or do you mean taking the hub off as well?

Also which screws are you talking about when you say the wrong ones were supplied…I’d like to check mine?

No, sorry a bit misleading there, taking the wheel on and off the hub gave no problems (until the hub wore and started a knocking feeling through the wheel, I’m on my second…well third now they’ve investigated the problem). It was dismantling it that caused/I discovered the issue.

To be honest, in my experience checking them may give you the problem. Mine, with the wrong screws, was on there for a couple of years and only failed when I (carefully) dismantled and re-built it. I think steel screws into alu is not ideal.

There are at least three sets of screws: smaller ones that hold the wheel on to the removable part of the hub, screws that hold the two bits of the removable part of the hub together (the ones that weren’t long enough on mine) and screws that hold the adaptor face to the part of the hub that remains attached to the car.

Hope that helps.