Funny how things happen!!!!

Went out for a spin in the Exige today and ended up poping into Nick Whale Sports Cars to see if they had an ITG Induction Kit on any of their Demo cars that I could test.

You know, like you do when you have a bit of time to kill.

Sadley they didn’t

They had the ITG Kit in and priced it up for me anyway… It was a bit of a quite day so they fitted it there and then An hour later I was able to drive off… How’s that for service

I was a bit worried while it was being fitted about how much extra noise it would have on top of the Stage 2 Sports Exhaust and wondered if I had done the right thing in jumping in blind.

But I must say that it didn’t seem any louder, it just seemed to change the tune to a more pleasant note altogether. On the motorway when I was crusing with just the stage 2 sports exhaust it would be at just a note that was abit much. But with the extra air coming into the ITG it seems to have smothed that bit out and it just sounds great.

When you get on cam the roar is wonderful… I am told by the makers of the ITG kit that it will take a few miles to register with the ECU before I feel the full benifit of it.

But I must say a big thankyou to the Dave Noon and his guys in the work shops at Nick Whales for doing such a good job without any notice that I was coming in and turning it around so quickly.

Top Quality Service as always