Fully Operational Fleet ..... at Last!!!!


Elan looks fabulous. Which one goes in the garage?


And good to see I’m not the only one that cleans his cars before cutting the grass.


Elan looks super from a distance but battle scarred close up.
I concentrated all my efforts on the mechanicals, the body work investment in the last 10 years has been 1 bottle of Autoglym - no point in having a shiny motor which wont run. Just got prices for some A048’s for it. It will be a bit over tyred but in the dry it should be superb!

Yellow one sleeps out side and the other two dos wherever they leave their hats!!! Luckily my brother and business partner are helping out on the acommodation front while I get my 3 car garage built. I sacrificed the opportunity to earn stacks of cash by not building another house alongside and building a big swanky garage instead - Hence the 'My dear I’m doing Fu@k all with that garden 'till my garage is finished - you got your house now I’m having my garage (is that ok for you Ian )

What size wheels & tyres are you running on the Elan?

It looks as though the rear arches have been flared out slightly


They are 51/2 J Revolutions fitted early in it’s life with spacers and still on 3 lug spinners. The archers were done by the guy who had it a long time b4 my dad. The rear arches are quite big and the fronts have just been cut/partially worn away.

Tyres are 165 x 65 x 13 front and 185 x 60 x 13 rear. Is is still overtyred for such a light car but they are better than the monsters I took off!!!

It’s just about sorted now. I am fancing trying some Yoko A048’s mainly to help it stop. Again as it’s so light it tends to lock up pretty easily in the dry. I drive it like the only gay in the village when it’s wet.

The sun roof was an eighties fashion addition which I really dont like but with all the other non standard items it’s not a problem.

Just had the lumenition taken off and gone back to points - it runs like it never has before - well chuffed.

Rotoflex couplings take a lot of getting used to but do help save the rest of the transmission from damage.

Ha Spoke too soon - Elan Alternator packed in yesterday


but which one is the most fun in the wet?

The Elan has a set of Wang Chung Ditchfinders on at the moment + v light + Over tyred

What do you reckon???

You could get it back to standard & revel in a period classic


I could take off the alternator conversion and make it impossible to drive in the dark!

Mr Chapman designed it to be driven. 69K miles so far baaht a rebore and going strong