Full service history? worth the effort?

Hello there.

My car currently has full Lotus service history, I was wondering if this was worth keeping up to date. The reason I ask is that my dad is actually a car dealer and his garage has full servicing facilities, and to be honest I would trust the people I know there to do a proper job. Plus we have full new copies of the lotus service manuals and scheduals. It’s not such a problem now, but when it comes to cam belt replacement time etc, I begrudge paying god knows what an hour for someone who could well be on YTS for all I know just for a stamp. I would get better piece of mind using a trusted mechanic who has worked faultlessly on my race cars for years.

I guess the problem comes when it’s resale time and buyers just want the Lotus stamps, whereas in my opinion most main dealers are shite and if they didn’t have a franchise, their arrogance and incompetance would put themn out of business in weeks.

Good lord, just read that back and it’s turned into a rant!


Andy, very few Exige S1 owners use official dealers for servicing Does that answer your most eloquently posed question?

Indeed it does. Not that I’m a tight northern git, but I hate lining other peoples pockets. Might as well keep it in the family then

No way would I trust my car to a Lotus dealer. Make sure you keep all the receipts for parts/work and there should be no issue with the way you want to service the car.