full roll cage needed

I need to get hold of a full roll cage for my Exige,any info appreciated. Cheers Mark

I was speaking to graham at plans about this today, pm me your email address and I’ll send you the info

Is it possible to send this information to me, too?

Hope they are more reasonable than Lotus Sport… I asked about the Cup cage (front sections as I’ve got the rear hoop with the mounting points already on it) and they came back with a price of �2K +VAT and THREE days fitting!!!


Would love to know if there is a better option?

George, I’ll send you the info tonight

from memory, Plans do a full rollcage for �800 plus �700 for fitting

That�s better!

On the other hand Mark, if you have some free time, space, right suppliers, proper tube bender, a welding machine, a couple of hole cutters, a drill, a metal cutter/grinder, a vice, and know what you are doing� you may be able to DIY.

Hi.Thanks for info so far.I am visiting a local saftey equipment company tommorow, will let you know how I get on.

may be after a full one if its a good price

Is there anyone else interested in getting a full roll cage?Maybe able to do a deal!

The full cages are not an easy job to fit at all!!! �700 for fitting from Plans sounds like a bargin to me as it took me days and days to get mine in correctly and specialist tools are required to drill the front mounting holes.

My track prep thread has a fair bit of detail on the cage fitting.