Full repaint experiences

Hi all - my S1 is in Titanium Metallic - I personally think that this is such a wild car that it could benefit from a different color.

Additionally it 's not in pristine conditions and I know that a full repaint is in the horizon anyways

I understand the whole “they made very few, keep it original, etc” and trust me, that is how I have been my whole life. Change color? No thanks.

But…I feel the Exige deserves a different color than Titanium. :mrgreen:

Thinking Cyan Red or acid green

Have you changed color to yours?

Is there a specific process given the materials? What are the things I need to look at?

I have procured most of the decals already.

Do I need a special paint? Hopefully the painter knows what to use

Any recommendations?

Thanks and cheers.

I know what you mean, mine is New Aluminium silver or whatever they called it, not my first choice of colour, typically silver is generally a bit boring on cars. But… To my eyes it sets off the whole drama of the Exige really well with the contrasting black decals, wheels, rear diffuser etc.

There was a guy either on here or SELOC that repainted his a Kawasaki green, worth looking out the thread. Looked stunning.

You know what Evoman - I think you are right.
I have been spending a couple of more days with her and I have to say that this Titanium color is growing on me. In person it almost looks like to have a “green” in it.

I will still need to paint her at one point but I may do the crazy thing of repainting it in the original color!

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I agree that they look fantastic in, and ‘deserve’ a bold colour. However, I also agree that silver works perfectly and it’s the colour that best shows off the lines of the car in the light. Interesting that when Julian Thomson (Elise designer, rather than Exige, admittedly) bought an S1 Elise recently, he chose a silver one.

That’s an interesting fact - although I believe now we need to pick cars’ conditions over colors…

Agreed general condition is more important than colour, oddly my favourite colour of Laser blue is probably the colour most colour changed.

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hda Had any more thoughts on the colour?

I think Titanium is great to show off the shape as is New Aluminium, I mean just look at it. This was after a simply sublime run out. I’m really not sure what else would give that level of involvement and sense of drama, perhaps a BDA engined MkI Escort set up really nice


Hey, I agree with you and I have decided to keep it the same color Even if I know it will need to be repainted. On the subject, I think this will happen next year as I prioritize the work. Now it’s a matter of making it mechanically perfect.

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I restored #116 to its original spec, keeping its oem color: New Aluminium Metallic.


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Actually it is # 016…