Full repaint cost

Hi guys,

Imagine I would buy an Exige in a colour I don’t fancy.
How much would it cost to paint the entire Exige to a colour of my liking (Chrome Orange, Saffron Yellow, Laser Blue or Starlight Black)?

1500 pounds minimum

i reckon you could get a nice burberry job for around 500 quid

Can this work be performed by a normal paintshop, or does it have to be done by Lotus?

One more thing… Do car makers paint other makers cars?

For instance, if I wanted to paint an Exige in McLaren’s “Papaya orange”, Ford’s “Brilliant Orange”, Or Porsches “Carrera Silver”, would they do the job?


Any good paintshop that is used to work with Fibreglass can do this, in any colour you like.

Just bear in mind some trick “flip” paints are over 500 quid a litre so thats 2-2.5K just for paint !

The colours used by certain companies could be a problem. For example someone had their S1 Elise painted in the current Ferrari F1 red, he had to get the paint from the Ferrari team. Something like Mcaren Orange will probably be the same, the exact recipe for the paint colour won’t be available to any paint shops, but they will probably be able to get close.

A decent paint shop will be able to mix up a suitable colour tho’

So you’d only get the paint fromt he team if you didn’t trust you myopic colour blind paint shop man

I run a paint shop and we can mix up any colour or get very close to it on site.The cost to change colour would be at least 2000 pounds.

I just had a cost of 1200 for a full respray - with a place I would trust 100% since they have done a few cars for me including my Carbon Fibre bodied Mini …

If there was a full re-spray in a different colour would this not effect the value of the car. Can you change the V5 to the new colour?

I have just had a colour change to white which cost �1500 but i stripped the clamshells off myself