Fuel smell in cabin

Does anyone have any idea about what could cause a heavy smell of petrol in the cabin, there are no obvious leaks anywhere.

hmmm, I’m assuming you did the hose change (recall by Lotus).
They found out the petrol hose from the cap to the tank was made out of a rubber than could crack, releasing fumes.
And that’s just behind the cabin…

Are you sure that was done?

If its definately petrol and not exhaust fumes then i’d be looking for a leaky filler pipe - not easy to do but that’s where i’d start.

I agree that the fuel pipe check is the obvious one - dealers were supposed to put a blob of white paint on the hose when they changed it as an easy check

Another idea - I found that my rear window was slightly out of line and loads of smells were coming in from the engine bay that way - might be worth slackening the rear clam and releaseing the window and seeing if it wants to sit slightly differently (or if the ribber seal round the edge has perished)

Uldis posted a reason for this (thread anyone?) basically, if you drive with your window open, there’s a negative air pressure in the cabin, causing air from the engine bay to be drawn into the cabin… and causing a smell