Fuel Pump Upgrade

The following firm, http://www.fuelsystem.co.uk/ produces a Motorsport Elise fuel pump upgrade to the standard AC Delco unit. Link to catalog - http://www.fuelsystem.co.uk/itplist210205.pdf

Does anyone know about the company and/or the pump?

Do a search “fuel Pressure” username SEANB, i have just been through this and it is more trouble than it’s worth, now have 2 pumps after many modifications and still need a new swirl pot. Unless you have fuel pressure or supply problems, really bad problems, i would rather not bother and i am sorry that i did.

Problem is std pump has 2 functions in 1, pick up into pot and suck from pot, upgrades only suck from pot.

thanks Jason - I had no idea the “upgrade” was not a 1:1 functional replacement…

In fact, I�m going through the same problems right now.

Need more fuel than the original one can give, and the aftermarket single stage one that I�ve tried (supposedly for the MS Elise, actually, appears in that same site above), has a problem.
Need to take it out now but anyway am looking forward for a solution that retains the dual stage design, as I can see problems with fuel surge and some unused fuel level otherwise (what’s the point on having to leve 10 L inaccessible fuel in the tank all the time! )

Don�t want to go down the route that others have chosen and install an external pump+swirl pot, because the whole idea of this car (for me) is to drive it everywhere. Can�t afford having the boot filled up with pumps, hoses, pots and other big stuff.
I know, odd, most people just use it as a track car, but to me it has to retain the few civil aspects it has.

I�m investigating a couple more options: a DC booster (that makes the original pump run faster), and an inline external pump that needs no swirl pot.

Will let you know, there must be a way!


Is there not a huge amount of space available when you remove the charcoal cannister and stuff - I would have thougt that is at least as big as a suitable swirl pot

There is loads of space in there for a swirl pot and it doesn’t have to go in the boot.

This is worth a look at Uldis.

Fuel pump upgrades

But there is loads of room where the charcoal canister was.


What you can perhaps try is a smaller pump which fills the pot inside the tank by removing 1 of the butterfly valves and running the pipe with teabag on the end through it, suitably sealed so that the fuel does not run out, and then have the new pump you have drawing from the pot. The smaller pump will take some capacity away but should still be enough for surges in the tank.

I have a VDO pump filling the pot in the tank, it overflows the pot in about 5 seconds. from very low fuel levels, I tested it several times out of the tank in a bucket with varying levels in it until i was satisfied that it was doing what i wanted it to. Also the return line discharges into the pot through 1 of the sprung legs which helps.

Seems to be OK so far on track and the longest lefts i could find, where it would cut out previously.

Excellent feedback from all, thanks.
Lots of things to read in that site.

Thanks Jason, will think about your solution.

Still, managed to get it working now (thanks Jim), will try to get it to the RR today (if they accept me today) otherwise it’ll have to wait until they come back from holidays.

Fantastic link & feedback guys, thanks.