Fuel pump housing

Does anybody have a spare (used) fual pump housing? The whitish/creamy plastic one that holds the fuel pump, inside the tank.
It doesn’t matter if it’s still got a pump in there, even if it’s dead.

I know, long shot, but I’m experimenting on something and would need one of these now…

Uldis, my race preppers may still have my old one knocking about or they may have thrown it, I will check.



Great! here’s hoping…

BTW, if you don’t have that part, what are you using then Russ?

High pressure pump/swirl pot/low pressure pump in tank.

The original was not good enough for racing & I was getting fuel starvation, so we went to a new set up, which works fine.

Same here, fuel starvation of long left handers.
Have an upgraded fuel pump already though.

I’ll email you separately.