Fuel pump and what not...

I’ve finally had enough of my poxy fuel sender not sending as it should…

…So I have got the pump and sender assy out, and the only part number I can see on it is “25028131”… Made by AC or AC Delco.

If anyone can find somewhere that sells these puppies I’d be most appreciative!!!

It may also be a GM part number, it matches their format but can’t seem to find it online anywhere


If you’re going down the route of further modifications, the std pump will prove to be insufficient.
This may be the time to upgrade.
many others on 210+ BHP engines have gone through an external swirlpot setup.
The other option is to go for the in-tank replacement one that I’m getting this week.

Fancy one?

Details man!!! Details!!!

Could be a definate YES! Does it come with a new sender as well 'cos mine’s f**ked… Which is the real reason I’m on the hunt for a new one

Translation, Uldis to Mark:

“What you really want sir is one of these!”

? Which is the sender?

It will be a replacement pump. Unbolt one, put in the other. Other than that I have no more details.
Just waiting for mine from Simon Erland.

Call him, he should be able to source one for you as well

Cheers Uldis, I spoke to Simon earlier and am just gonna try and get the sender fixed first and foremost…

Just looks like some frayed resistance wires that’s cauing it!

Got the same problem…
Did you find a s supply of senders?
Did you acess tank through hole in bulkhead and if so did you make the thing bigger/.
Am facing the same job so any suggestions welcome.

Ended up taking the pump out and tighteneing up the sender / bending the float arm so it contact’s the resistance strip.

I did make the hole bigger, then have bolted a new bit of ali over the top, really does make sense that way

This is getting spooky, i just did the same.

Please tell me when something goes wrong on your car, i think our’s were built on the same day

[censored]! You’re in trouble then

Just a question on this topic - why not bigger injectors?