Fuel pressure...

Anybody has any idea of the maximum safe working pressure of the fuel hoses?
Stock pressure is 3 bar, but a fairly stad tweak is bringing it up to 4 bar when over 190BHP.
I also hear comments on 5 bar but from the turbo-nutter world.

Any ideas if 5 bar would be safe on our standard hoses/connections?

Standard hoses should take that sort of pressure no worries IMHO. Its not that much pressure really. We run the Nissan at up to 8bar fuel pressure .

Hoses are no problem, i would take the time to replace all the hose clamps with some decent items though. We had a leak at 4.5 BAR from a clamp that was fine up to that point, as soon as pressure was dropped below 4 it stopped, replaced it and no problems.

The hoses arent a problem, but the fuel rail might be, also it’s unlikely that the pump could sustain 5 bar when the engine’s requirements are at their highest, especially if it is not new. A higher capacity pump together with a tougher (metal) fuel rail with screw on fittings would make it bomb proof.


New, higher rate fuel pump has been already installed, so that should be no problem.

Thanks guys!