Fuel lines Elise /Exige

As some of u may know I have an Exige MK1 (upgraded with Steve Butts and DVAs help) and an Elise. Sadly the Elise passed away last Sunday due to a fire which occured driving to the local lake with my three year old son onboard.

It appears, that the fire started due to fuelvapurs escaping from the fuellines either the pressurised one leading to the rail or from the return line.

Therefore please double check your fuellines so that you r spared the experience.

There was no chance to save the car using the inbord fireextinguisher as the fire was too intense within minutes.

Thankfully nobody was hurt


Wow Scary moment. Glad you and son are OK.
What year was the car??

The car was year modelyear 2000 and had done 39,000 km

It was indeed scary and if I had noticed the fire a few moments later thinks would have ended differently. So now my son and I share a 2nd birthday

if I kenw how I’d post pictures of the sorry remains

Photobucket is the best way to post, real easy too!